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QNET’s Nutritionist Mrs. Işın Sayın shared the following information about Green Coffee.

Coffee beans are green in nature. As seen in the various processes of every food ,the processing of the coffee changes its chemistry. The color, the taste and the smell changes with the roasting process.

During the roasting process, the 'chlorogenic acid' in the composition of the coffee loses its usefulness. 'Chlorogenic acid', which can be found in green coffee but it is missing in the roasted coffee , is a valuable antioxidant. It helps strengthen the immune system.

It helps to lower LDL cholesterol and to raise HDL cholesterol which helps to protect the heart health.

It accelerates the recovery of the wounds. It has been proved in medical experiments that the green coffee bean can lower the risk of diabetes by lowering high blood glucose (sugar) levels. It increases the basal metabolism rate for a few hours after use. They provide dynamism. It supports mental functions and synthesis skills.

The Qafe product contains wheat dextrin, soluble coffee extract, green coffee extract (Coffea arabica L.).
For each package, 0.4 gr Green Coffee Extract (Coffea arabica L.) is present as active ingredient.
One sachet of Qafé green coffee weighs 10 gr.