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Updated: May 2018

Read the QNET GDPR Compliance Statement

We, QNET Promosyon Pazarlama ve Turizm Ltd. Şti. (“Company”), place great importance to process and protect any kind of personal data of persons in relation with the Company including our independent representatives/customers pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (“the Law”).

Personal data shared with our Company is under surveillance and control of our Company. Pursuant to relevant provisions of the legislation in force, as “data controller”, our Company has taken the responsibility of establishing necessary organization and taking and adjusting technical measures to protect the privacy and integrity of personal data.


1. Collection, Processing of Personal Data and Purposes for Processing.

Your personal data is used by our Company through automatic or non-automated methods for the following purposes:

  • to confirm the identity information of the person who shops through our web site,
  • to record address and other necessary information for contact,
  • to contact and inform our related customers regarding the terms, current state of the contracts and updates under the distant sales contract and other contracts concluded under relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.
  • to issue all records and documents to be a baseline for an electronic (internet etc.) or written transaction,
  • to fulfill the obligations under the distant sale contract and under other contracts concluded  according to relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.
  • to be able to provide information to public agents upon their request and pursuant to legislation      due to public security,
  • to share campaigns, promotions and innovations with our independent representatives/customers,
  • to evaluate independent representative’s and customer’s suggestions and complaints regarding our services,
  • to increase independent representative/customer satisfaction, to know our independent representatives/customers who make online shopping on our web site, to use in various marketing and advertisement activities and within this scope to make surveys through contracted organizations electronically and/or physically.
  • to fulfill our legal obligations and to exercise our rights deriving from the legislation in force.


2. To Whom and For Which Purposes Personal Data May be Transferred

Your personal data can be shared with the shareholders of our Company, direct/indirect domestic/foreign affiliates of our Company, business partnersand organizations, domestic and  foreign persons and  institutions that may provide data storage service to our Company, domestic/foreign organizations contracted for the delivery of electronic commercial messages to independent representatives/customers, Interbank Card Centers, contracted banks and various domestic and foreign agencies, advertisement agencies and survey agencies under marketing activities in order to provide better service and to maintain independent representative/customer satisfaction and other domestic/foreign third persons and relevant  business partners.

Sharing personal data of our independent representatives/customers with third persons is subject to permission of independent representatives and customers and as a principle, is not transferred to third parties without consent of our independent representative/customer.

However, personal data may be  shared including but not limited with courts and other public institutions due to our legal obligations.. Additionally, personal data is transferred to contracted third persons in order to provide the promised services and in order to make the quality control of the services provided.

Necessary technical and legal precautions are taken to prevent the violation of rights during transfer of the personal data to any third person. Therefore, our Company is not responsible from the violations occurred due to the data security policies and the risk under the responsibility of the recipient.


3. Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data is collected through any verbal, written and electronic environment in accordance with the purposes indicated above, in order to enable our Company to provide the membership system and the sale of goods and services within the determined legal framework and within this scope, to perform its responsibilities arising from the contract and the law duly.  Your personal data collected with this legal reason may also be processed and transferred for the purposes mentioned paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Privacy Policy under the terms and purposes of personal data processing specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.


4. How Web Site Cookies are Used?

www.qnetturkiye.com.tr cookies are used for remembering your choices and personalizing your website usage. The mentioned usage includes the cookies which records your password and keeps your website session logged-in all time and save you from the trouble of entering your password for your each website visit and the cookies which remember and recognize you during your next visits.

Web site cookies are used to identify how you use the website; including the tracking of how you use the web site such as where you connect www.qnetturkiye.com.tr site from, the content you viewed on the website and the time of your visit.

Cookies in www.qnetturkiye.com.tr website are used for the advertisement/promotion purpose to offer you contents and ads which are more appealing to you and for your interests. Thus, when you use the web site or its mobile application; it can offer you more appropriate contents, customized campaigns and products and does not offer the contents or opportunities you have rejected before.


5. How does the Web Site use the third party cookies for advertisement and re-targeting?

www.qnetturkiye.com.tr can also use website cookies to activate “advertisement technology” in order to offer you ads you may be interested in when you visit search engines, its web site and mobile application and the websites which has the web site advertisement of our Company. The advertisement technology uses information of your previous visits to website/mobile applications which have the web site advertisement of our Company to offer you customized advertisements. While offering you these advertisements, a unique third party cookie may be placed to your browser to enable the website to recognize you. You can remove the permanent cookies and reject both session and permanent cookies by following the instructions of “help” file in your internet browser or by visiting “www.allaboutcookies.org” or “www.youronlinechoices.eu” addresses.


6. Rights of the personal data owner specified under the Article 11 of the Law

In case you, as the personal data owner, notify our Company regarding your right(s) via methods expressed below, our Company shall response the request latest within thirty days’ period based on the nature of the request, free of charge. However in case a fee tariff to be estimated by the Board of Personal Data Protection, the Company shall be entitled to charge a fee in line with the tariff accordingly. Within this scope, the personal data owner is entitled to;

  • learn whether his personal data is being processed,
  • request further information about processing, if his personal data is being processed,
  • learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether personal data is used in accordance with the purpose,
  • learn foreign or domestic third parties to whom personal data is transferred,
  • request rectification of personal data and the notification of the rectification transaction to the third parties to whom personal data is transferred if the personal data is processed incompletely or inaccurately,
  • request deletion or destruction of the personal data in case the purpose for processing the personal data ends although it is processed as per the Law and other related legislation and request to notify these transactions to the third parties to whom personal data is transferred,
  • object to any unfavorable result which may arise from the analysis of processed personal data exclusively through automated systems,
  • request compensation for damages in case the person incurs due to unlawful processing of personal data.

As per the Article 13/1 of the Law, your demand on exercising the abovementioned rights shall be notified to our Company in written or through other means determined by the Board of Personal Data Protection. The contact details and the procedures regarding the delivery of your application in written form under the Article 11 of the Law to our Companyare expressed below.

In order to exercise rights mentioned hereinabove, you may deliver your demand including your explanation of your choice among the rights mentioned in article 11 of the Law with the necessary information confirming your identity and other information to be requested  with the documents proving your identity to the address of “Büyükdere Cad. Likör Fabrikası Sok. Akabe İş Merkezi No. 78 / 80-11 Kat: 2 Mecidiyeköy/Şişli/İstanbul”, personally by hand or via return receipt requested post, notary public or other means stated in the Law or send the relevant form to e-mail address “qnetpromosyon@hs02.kep.tr with the secured electronic signature.


7. Disclaimer

During your visit to our Company’s web site, all credit card transactions and their confirmations shall be transacted between you and the relevant Banks and related card institutions which are independent from our Company. (Information such as password of the credit card cannot be displayed or saved by the Company).

Other web users cannot display data inputs to our website for purchasing of product/service and information update and confidential data regarding credit and bank cards.

Other websites which are directed from our website have their own confidentiality-security policies, usage, communication and processing of personal data. Our Company shall not be liable for any dispute, material and immaterial damages and losses which may arise due to use of the information from directed websites to view ads, banners, content or for any purposes and also due to ethic rules, confidentiality-security principles, service quality, terms of use and other applications of directed websites.

Independent representatives/customers are responsible for their own decisions and all kinds of transactions and applications exercised by themselves and their consequences within the framework of information obtained from our website or links of other websites given on our website, electronically sent information, promotion and advertisements and any kind of offer.

Any purchase shall be subject to consumer contract to be concluded separately as per related legislation to be executed as a result of promotion and advertising and informing via mentioned methods  information provided to them and/or communications made to them.. Such consumer agreement shall be enforced within the scope of its own terms and among their parties. Terms of preliminary information-distant sales contract that you will display during each shopping on our website shall be applicable.

Our independent representatives/customers may stop use-processing of their personal data and/or the commercial electronic communication at any time without any reason by notifying the Company via communication instruments stated below. Upon the explicit notification of the independent representative/customer, the personal data procedures and/or the communications via stated channels shall be stopped as soon as possible (latest within the legal period foreseen by related legislation). The independent representative/customer may apply to our Company and obtain information at any time regarding the transactions related with processing of personal data. The mentioned applications and demands shall be fulfilled as soon as possible (latest within the legal period foreseen by related legislation)or rejected provided that the legal basis of rejection shall be specified.

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