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Updated on: 23/06/20



As QNET PromosyonPazarlamaveTurizm Ltd. Şti. (“Our Company”), we care about the security and privacy of your personal data, and as such, we process all personal data belonging to everyone related to our company, including those who benefit from our products and services, in the capacity of “Data Controller” in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“KKVK”) No. 6698 and do so with the following scope and conditions.

This Policy applies to any Personal Data collected through this website or any mobile site, application or other interactive features ("Website") linked to this Policy.

Our company gives the right to sell its products to Independent Sales Representatives ("Independent Representative" or "Member"). Independent Representatives are not employed by our Company. Our company does not control the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by Independent Representatives, including for marketing purposes, and is not responsible or liable on these matters.

We have Social Media Features and Widgets or interactive mini programs running on our website. These features can collect which page(s) you visit on our site, collect your IP address and set some cookies to ensure that the feature works properly. Social Media Features and Widgets are provided by a third party or directly from our website. Your interactions with these features are subject to the privacy policy of the company that provides this service.



Your personal data are processed verbally, in writing or electronically by means of automated or non-automated methods, such as call centres, websites, blog pages, social media, mobile applications and e-mail. We can process the following personal data (not limited to those listed below) that is updatable/that you provided in line with your interest in our company’s services and products or you benefiting from the said products, your application to our Company to be Independent Representative or you already being an Independent Representative:

  • Your name, surname, date of birth and other data in your ID,
  • Your contact data such as your phone number, e-mail address and home address,
  • If you use our website, blog pages and other digital broadcasting tools, your behaviour and digital track information obtained through cookies,
  • Your visual and audio data that we have acquired within the frame of promotion, advertisement, campaign, social responsibility projects and organisations,
  • If you are an Independent Representative of our company, your name, surname, date of birth and other data in your ID, your financial data such as bank account number, IBAN and billing information and contact data,
  • Your financial data such as bank account number, IBAN, billing information, your signature circular and signature data within the scope of the performance of the contract and/or supply of goods/services,
  • If you are an employee of our Company or if you work with an employer in partnership with our Company, your training data, your service contract within the framework of your business relationship, your data regarding your disposition and performance, your health data, your data on private health insurance and financing, your Social Security Institution data, TR ID number, visa/passport data, vehicle data and any other personal data that may be processed within the scope of your service contract,

Non-personal data that our Company or other service providers may collect regarding your use of our Company’s website may be associated with representative/member account numbers. Our company may use this personal data for reasons such as analysing the use of the site by members for evaluating and developing the business model and for other internal analytical purposes.



Your personal data obtained by the above-mentioned methods are processed within the frame of the personal data processing conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of KVKK and in line with the basic principles of the law on protection of personal data. Your Personal Data can be used for the following purposes;

  • Confirming the ID information of the member/shopper through the website/mobile applications,
  • Recording addresses and other necessary information for communication,
  • Communicating with our members/customers about the conditions, current status and updates of the contracts that we signed under the relevant articles of the Distance Selling Contract and the Law on Protection of Consumers and providing them with the necessary information,
  • Fulfilling the obligations undertaken in accordance with the contracts that we signed under the relevant articles of the Distance Selling Contract and the Law on Protection of Consumers,
  • Organizing all records and documents that will form the basis of the transaction in electronic (Internet/mobile etc.) or printed media,
  • Being able to provide information to public officials on public security issues upon request and in accordance with the legislation,
  • Providing a better shopping experience to our customers/members, providing information about our products that our customers/members may be interested in while “taking into account the interests of our customers/members” and transferring campaigns,
  • Increasing customer/member satisfaction, knowing our customers/members who shop on the website and/or mobile applications and using them in customer/member environment analysis, using them in various marketing and advertising activities and conducting surveys in electronic and/or physical environment through contracted organizations within this scope,
  • Providing information about products, services, programs and offers via e-mail, SMS, phone or mail,
  • Offering of suggestions to our customers/members by our contracted institutions and solution partners, informing our customers/members about our services,
  • Evaluating and responding to customer/member questions, requests, complaints and suggestions regarding our services,
  • Participating in sweepstakes, contests and similar promotions and managing these activities,
  • Fulfilling our legal obligations and exercising our rights arising from the legislation in force,
  • Using the site and/or mobile application or ensuring communication and interaction with other people through the site and/or mobile application,
  • In order for you to be referenced by one of our registered Independent Representatives while becoming a member of our Company as an Independent Representative,
  • For internal commercial purposes such as data analysis, audits, new product development, enriching the website, improving services, determining usage trends and determining the effectiveness of promotional campaigns by our Company.



Within the scope of the provisions of the Law regarding the domestic and abroad transfer of personal data and for the purposes set out in this letter, your personal data can be shared with institutions or organizations permitted by the Turkish Commercial Code, Tax Procedure Law and other legislative provisions, public legal entities such as Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Ministry of Commerce, Social Security Institution, Personal Data Protection Authority, direct/indirect domestic/foreign shareholders, subsidiaries and/or affiliates, domestic/foreign organizations/business partners that provide service to our Company under contractual relation to carry out our operations, Independent Representatives and other natural and/or legal third parties.



www.qnetturkiye.com.tr uses cookies to remember the choices you make and personalise your website usage. This usage includes cookies that save your password and keep your website session open at all times, thus saving you the hassle of entering passwords multiple times each time you visit, and cookies that remember and recognise you on your next visits.

They are used to determine how you use the website, including from where you connect to the www.qnetturkiye.com.tr website, what content you view on the website and the duration of your visit.

Cookies on www.qnetturkiye.com.tr are used for advertising/promotion purposes to provide more suitable content and advertisements for you and your interests. This way, when you use the website or the mobile application, it offers you more suitable content, personalised campaigns and products, and does not offer any content or opportunities that you have stated that you did not want before.



www.qnetturkiye.com.tr may also use cookies to initiate the “advertising technology” in order to present tailored ads when you visit the search engines, website, mobile application and/or the websites where the website advertises. In order to present you tailored ads, the advertising technology uses information about previous visits to the website/mobile application and the websites / mobile applications where the website advertises. While presenting these ads, a unique third-party cookie may be stored on your browser so that the website can recognise you. You can remove persistent cookies and reject both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions provided in the "help" file of your Internet browser or by visiting "www.allaboutcookies.org" or "www.youronlinechoices.eu".



The personal data you share with our Company is stored on our Company’s secure domestic/overseas servers in compliance with the relevant legal regulations, KVKK provisions and QNET Turkey standards.



In accordance with KVKK, your personal data shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymised by us when the purpose that requires processing according to Article 7/1 of KVKK has disappeared and/or when the time given to us in accordance with the legislation to process your data expires.



In accordance with Article 4 of KVKK, our Company has an obligation to keep your personal data correct and up to date. In this context, in order for our Company to fulfil its obligations arising from the applicable legislation, our customers/members must share their accurate and up-to-date data with our Company. In case your data changes in any way, we ask you to contact us through the communication channels mentioned below and update your data.



Our company takes the technical and administrative measures through available technological resources in order to prevent illegal processing of your personal data and provide the level of security necessary to keep your personal data secure.



In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK and upon application to the data controller, everyone has the right to:

a) Learn whether the personal data has been processed,
b) Request information if the personal data has been processed,
c) Learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used according to the purpose,
d) Find out about the local or foreign third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,
e) Request correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,
f) Request the deletion or destruction of personal data within the frame of the conditions stipulated in Article 7,
g) Request notification of transactions made in accordance with subparagraphs (c) and (d) to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,
h) Object to the emergence of a result to their own detriment after the analysis of the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
i) Request the resolving of the damage in case the personal data are damaged due to the illegal processing of the data.



You can submit your applications regarding your rights listed above to the Data Controller by filling the Application Form.

Pursuant to the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller, the Data Subject’s application must include their name, surname, signature if the application is in writing, TR ID number (passport number if the applicant is a foreigner), residence or workplace address for notification, e-mail address for notification (if there is any), telephone number and fax number and information on the subject of the request.

The Data Subject must explicitly and clearly state what is requested in the application, which they will make to exercise the rights mentioned above in a manner that they will include the explanations regarding the requested right. Information and documents related to the application must be attached to the application.

Although the subject of the request must be related to the applicant's person, if acting on behalf of someone else, the applicant must have a special authority in this regard and this authority must be documented (special power of attorney). In addition, the application must contain identification and address information and authenticating documents must be attached to the application.

Requests made by unauthorised third parties on behalf of someone else shall not be considered.



Your request is evaluated and answered within 30 days latest starting from delivery of such request to us. However, if the transaction requires cost, the company is entitled to charge fee for such costs determined by Personal Data Protection Board.

In case your application is rejected, the reasons for rejection shall be sent to the address specified in your application by one of the methods selected in the Application Form, essentially primarily via e-mail or postal service.



The www.qnetturkiye.com.tr website and mobile application can connect to websites managed by other service providers. On other sites accessed from our site, their privacy-security policies, usage, communication and personal data processing conditions apply. Our Company is not responsible for any disputes, material and moral damages and losses that may arise due to the use of information from the websites accessed via advertisements, banners, for content or for any other purpose, as well as due to the sites’ ethical principles, privacy-security principles, service quality, terms of use and other practices. Including a link to the site does not mean that the linked site is run by our Company.

Our Company's Independent Representatives are individually responsible for the data they process through their websites, mobile applications, social media accounts and other tools.



If you do not want to receive e-mails containing our company's marketing and/or promotional offers, you can submit your request to our Company through the "Contact" section of the website.



Our company may make changes to this Policy when necessary. To see the date when this Policy was last updated, see the "LAST UPDATED" description at the top of this page. Changes to this Policy shall be effective for all interested parties on the date the revised Policy is posted on the announcements page of this site.



In your use of our Company’s website, all credit card transactions and verifications are carried out online by the relevant Bank and similar Card Institutions, independently of our Company (information such as credit card "password" is not seen and recorded by our Company).

Information entered on our site for membership, product/service purchase and information update purposes, as well as confidential information about credit cards and debit cards cannot be viewed by other Internet users.

The members/customers are responsible for the information they receive from our website or other websites linked to our website, information, electronically communicated promotions and advertisements, as well as the decisions they make within the frame of any suggestions and all kinds of transactions and practices made accordingly.

If the members/customers purchase a product/service after being informed about the specified aspects and/or as a result of the communications, information, promotions and advertisements, the said transaction is subject to the consumer agreement that will be made separately and in accordance with the lawful procedure. The consumer agreement is applied on its terms and between the parties. For your purchases on our website, the order pre-information form-distance selling contract conditions you will see during each transaction shall be valid.



Our Company would be pleased to learn about your views on this Policy. If you believe that our company does not comply with the rules in this Policy, please contact the website administrator. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to promptly identify and resolve the problem. You can always contact our Company through the following communication channels.


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